Frequently Asked Questions

if it’s time to sell your home, I've got the ANSWERS for you! I'll help you navigate the home selling process so you can successfully get your home under contract as smoothly as possible.

How much needs to be done to my house before putting it on the market?

Many people believe that everything needs to be brand-new, flawless, and faultless, but this isn’t always the case.
Before listing in your market, discuss your priorities with your agent. Keep in mind that a buyer would build a new home if they wanted everything to be flawless.

How much is my house worth?

This is a fantastic and significant question! A realtor works in this field full-time. But before you meet with a realtor, you can begin your search. Look at previously sold properties in your neighborhood that are the same size and year as your home. You can use this information to assist you in determining your listing price before meeting with a realtor for the first time; better yet, get a pre-listing appraisal!

When is the best time to sell my house?

Usually spring! Buyers can visit properties in person, and spring and summer seasons are more convenient for moving. Homes often go on the market in April, May, and June. But don’t worry if you missed the spring and summer season…homes sell any time of the year…even during the winter months!

What is the difference between a list price and sale price?

List price is the price the home is currently listed at. The sale price is the price the home is sold for.

Should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiations?

That tactic may make sense from a financial perspective.
However, a house that is priced correctly will sell quickly and, hopefully, above asking price. No need to overprice the house to allow for negotiations; houses priced too high will sit longer and occasionally go under asking. The purchasers of today are well knowledgeable about fair pricing and market worth; trust your realtor in regards to pricing your home correctly and tactfully.

Should I have my home staged?

Homes that are staged sell 83% quicker, according to stagedhomes.com. A staged home will allow buyers to picture as their own. 53% of buyers acknowledge they are willing to spend more when they visit a staged property. If you’d like to engage a stager, I can advise you on hiring one or provide you with complimentary staging consultation.

How much commission do you charge?

Commission are negotiable. Period. Don’t listen to a realtor who suggests otherwise. The adage “you get what you pay for” is highly applicable to real estate, so please keep that in mind. If a real estate agent offers a smaller commission, you are no longer their primary priority during negotiations, marketing, and deal closing. One of the biggest errors house sellers make is choosing a realtor solely based on a cheaper commission rate.

Will I save money selling my home without a real estate agent?

You might be able to save money by selling it yourself if you already have an unrepresented buyer in mind (one who is not already working with a real estate buyers agent) and they are comfortable with the terms you have proposed. But this is uncommon. In most situations, a skilled listing agent’s staging and marketing skills can help you get much better results than you would on your own. A superb listing agent won’t only increase the price at which your house sells, but also increase activity, the number of qualified buyers, and the strength of the contract.

How long does it take to get my home ready for the market?

Assuming your home is nearly ready to move into, a good, secure estimate is two to three weeks. I typically recommend a couple of weeks to properly list a home in order to schedule the home stager, photographer, videographer, print and digital marketing materials, professional home measurements, finish  listing paperwork, etc. An additional week will offer us some breathing room to ensure that everything is done correctly. Even though a few weeks may seem like a long time, you don’t want to rush to list your house before it’s ready because doing so could end up costing you more than just time.

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