1. You don’t have to pay them! In the majority of cases, the broker working with the seller splits a portion of their commission with the buyer’s agent. So why wouldn’t you hire them? You get the expertise, and you get it for free! (Just don’t take advantage of that. You may not see it, but they work their butts off to find you the perfect home!)

2. Access to a Multiple Listing Service (the MLS). This is where most agents advertise their listings for other agents to see. Yea, I know you can find information on those other “real estate” websites that I will not name, but most of the time they are not reflecting current real time information. The MLS is the most accurate, and it sometimes gives your broker more information than your average web search to help you make an informed decision.

3. E-contracts. I don’t know who isn’t using e-contracts these days, and if they are not, I don’t know how they are getting offers accepted. E-contracts allow offers to be submitted quickly with e-signatures. It is a must in this day and age. Your broker most likely has access to this…or at least should.

4. They have negotiation skills. Your broker has more than likely brokered more transactions than your average Joe which means they probably have some good suggestions when it comes to negotiating what you want. Sometimes it is not black and white, and you have to get creative beyond just the purchase price. Let a professional help you.

5. Speaking of professional…This is your broker’s job! If I need my roof fixed, I call a roofer. If I need legal advice, I call an attorney. If I need brain surgery, I am going to call a neurosurgeon. You want the best of the best behind you in a serious transaction, so if you are buying a house, you NEED a REALTOR®!